Adhesives as a sustainable alternative

Adhesives are an indispensable tool that Engineers must take into account when thinking, designing and industrializing in any field of industry and/or product.

We don’t have to create with recycling in mind: that’s not circularity! We have to go further. So adhesive bonding technology doesn’t just reduce itself to recycling: it gives us something more.




a) It is the process of using an object several times, extending its useful life and giving it new purposes instead of rejecting it.

b) It reduces the amount of waste in landfills, conserves natural resources and energy, and promotes environmental sustainability.

c) It is an essential practice in the waste management hierarchy, prioritizing reduction, reuse and recycling to minimize environmental impact and encourage more responsible consumption.

d) For example, using glass jars for storage, transforming old clothes into new textile items, restoring old furniture and donating electronic equipment.

Adhesive joints transform the construction landscape with innovation, efficiency and represent a new source of progress. Nothing is forever and the technology of adhesive joints allows us this duality: to create to unite and to be able to separate to reuse.

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