What is an adhesive?

It is a polymer capable to bond different substrates (adhesionn) and keeping the union internal resistance (cohesion).


What is a compositecomposite?

Is the union between two or more naterials of different composition and behaviours taht are mixed in a proper way in order to get another substrate or material with the best of the others. Normally it is a composition of a fibre and a polymeric matrix.


How can we bind two different materials?

By the help of a proper adhesive o polymeric substance. In this process, chemical and physical forces interact.


All adhesives are used for the same purpose?



Is it important to know the materials and their properties to make compund?

Yes it is.  It is probably one of the main questions to be resolved before making anything else.


Is it important to know the properties of different adhesives and final use of them?

The previous knowledge of different adhesives is part of the previous process to a final best performance between the union of two different substrates.


What does it means cohesion?

Is the internal force of the adhesive.