Behind WCT there is around 75 years of experience and three generations of "savoir faire".

Our past can be traced to the timber industry, carpentry and its derivates. Thereafter there is a trajectory that is supported by experiences in different industrial sectors, research, product development towards a qualitative improvement in post-industrialization, degrees, studies, tests and awards.

Contacts, costumers and management around the world plus daily monitoring of current technology and industry where we operate, helps reinforcing our view on every project we are collaborating.

All this coupled with the diversity of sectors for which we have worked for makes WCT has nurtured with rich and unique knowledge.

WCT also owns two international technology patents that has developed in the past.




At WCT we are worried about the future of planet earth and the proper use of the materials that nature provides us for free.

Our approach has always been to try to stay one step ahead and not only in technological aspects but also in everything that relates to an improvement and helps the future.

So according to our thought, a development of more sustainable and greener products are some of our most important goals and reasons of being.